Bharat Nepali


Bharat Nepali, a resident of Vajreshwari, Taluka Bhiwadi, Dist Thane

Bharat approached Jijau Trust for Radhika Nepali his niece, who is 11 years old and diabetic. Bharat says “Radhika was undergoing treatment at K E M hospital and we were short of cash when her professor suggested we get in touch with Jijau Trust.

We approached Jijau trust and explained them my niece’s condition and our financial position upon careful review they decided to help us. Radhika had developed a lump in her neck and the doctor had advised an operation urgently this treatment had to be done along with her diabetes treatment and thankfully Jijau’s volunteers helped us with all our problems. Now I feel happy and delighted to see Radhika smile, my family and me couldn’t thank them enough for all their help and support.