Gauru. Vaaman. Bhoir (Hiwali, Taluka. Bhiwandi)


Hearing problem

“I was a bit high on hearing and would have to go to Thane city to consult the Doctor. but knew all this is going to cost me dearly and was wondering if I could afford it. I came to know about a health camp in my area through few friends, upon my visit I was screened but the doctors there and was suggested a hearing aid after which the volunteers took me to the hospital and provided me with a hearing aid for free. I don’t think or have heard any charity organization doing that. I am very thankful to Jijau and their Volunteers and also thankful to their Founder and Director Nilesh. Bhagwan. Sambre. for all the service they do towards humanity.

It’s sad a senior citizen has to suffer, a farmer then who now cannot afford medical facilities and is depended on his only son for basics, how could he afford a costly machine and the private doctors consultation, also the transport to the city was an issue. We try to work with people like him who genuinely are in a turbulence.