Kashinath Bhiwa Ghata


A boy from a very poor family kashinath had many responsibilities one of which was to collect wood for the hearth that is used at his home.

On one such ocassion he injured his leg, making it difficult to walk, poor kashinath was bed ridden as the family couldn’t afford his hospitalization and stuck to home remedies, almost one month had passed and there was no sign of improvement in  kashinath’s condition; as part of the camp awareness event our volunteers visited his house to inform them about the health camp in their area and found bed ridden  kashinath, upon inquiry they learned about kashinath’s health and then they took him to the trust hospital where kashinath underwent his treatment.

After his recovery kashinath said “ I almost thought I lost my leg, but you came to us and provided all the help we asked for I don’t even know how to thank you enough for all your help and support. Thank you all”!