Lalit Chintaman Maule


Lalit a resident of Jawhar district Palghar was more than happy and thrilled when he learned that he stood 1st among the reserved class students and was appointed as a Municipal taxation and administrative officer.

Lalit says “My parents and Family were very happy when I gave them this news, my father is a farm worker and has worked very hard to raise me. I want to thank them and Jijau trust for their support, we live in a small house and I was finding it difficult to concentrate on my studies then with few of my friends I started studying at Jijau’s Library and also availed their free coaching classes. The library is equipped with the books we need for the exam and the faulty is knowledgeable and resourceful.

Together me and our teachers worked very hard for this day I would again thank Jijau trust for taking up this ambitious task and giving us the support and the infrastructure that we needed.