Madhukar Dev


Madhukar says “I do small agricultural related labor jobs; with the income that I have it was next to impossible for me to take my mother for a cataract surgery to the city, I went to one of the camps organized by Jijau Trust, where the volunteers took our details and surveyed our premises there after my mother’s surgery cost was approved by their.

I was not even in the position to pay for the travel and admitting my mother to the hospital would also mean taking a leave from my job; which meant the loss of pay. I told Jijau’s volunteers my problem, to help me out they not only arranged for her travel but also they assured me that one of the volunteers would stay there until she was discharged so that I would not have to take a leave.

I just cannot come up with words enough to thank them for all their help and wish them all the best to keep up the good work that they are doing, helping people like me”.