Mrs. Nirmala Vaman Bhoir


Six months back I started working with Jijau trust to earn some extra income to save up for my daughter’s marriage, as difficult would it be to send my daughter away, it was even more difficult to send her empty-handed, I intend to help her father by saving some money for her marriage or buying her some gold. 

I had only hoped to do all this, six months back when I heard about the women empowerment program started by Jijau Trust. As I entered their premises my mind was full of questions, how would I be able to do it, I was an old, illiterate housewife whose world has been four walls of her house. But I had to achieve something and thought I’d try.

My training started the very next day, and as days approached I learned to make different things, finally, the day came when I would start the real work, I was enjoying this new experience of my life and was getting paid also this was so great.

Soon my daughter’s marriage day would arrive, in this process, I have gained not just money but also have learned to stand on my feet, also I always wondered what will I do when she goes to her husband’s house this was definitely what I would like to do in the future.