Mushtaq sheikh


Mustaq sheikh visited our health camp at Mokhada where he was screened for cataract and our volunteers approached him for a cataract surgery he was taken to the Bhakti Vedanta Eye hospital for further treatment post treatment he met our volunteers and thanked them for all their efforts he said

“I was always scared to go to these hospitals in the city as the commute is hectic and expensive, I could only do this because of your trust and the help you provided, I thank you to have funded my surgery also to take me to the hospital in your vehicle, I just couldn’t imagine myself thrown to the corner without my eyesight and having to depend on someone else for my basics

You have given me a new life and hope it’s because of people like you we still have faith in humanity, not just because of the help but the fact that me being a Muslim didn’t matter to you. I was treated like you treat all the people that approach your trust for help.

There was always someone to assist me until my treatment and getting me back home. Thank you for all the kindness and may the Lord be with you in all your endeavors”.