Naamdev Kashinath Fasale (Farmer)


Organic farming is relatively a new concept in our area, there were not many farmers keen on taking up organic farming due to unawareness. Thanks to Jijau Trust, they organized several seminars to explain us the importance of organic farming and helped us in more than one way.

Jijau trust some time ago had set up a center where we farmers can approach, and take guidance from them, the staff is very well qualified and experienced also Jijau trust has vowed to adopt 100 farmers every year. They help them with seeds, technical knowledge etc.

Farmers in our area were to sell off their lands and were to look for other occupational means when Jijau stepped in and asked us to be patient and they would do whatever possible for them to help us, and as promised they did.

Right form development for new methods for farming, to seeds, to making loans available to farmers for new equipment’s or crop loans, insurance etc. Whatever the need may be they have stepped in and helped us. We take this opportunity to thank them for their non-stop service to all of us.