Appreciation letter

(C M, Shri Devendra Fadanvis Sir)

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sri Devendraji Fadanvis sir also acknowledged and took a note of Jijau NGO’s various initiatives for rural development, in his letter Devandraji writes as
“We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude toward a NGO who is doing an excellent job in Thane and Palghar district, 
Palghar is a rural and a backward area and the Government has a lot of schemes to support them, and organizations such as yours help us to achieve our goals to support the rural population. 
The Hospital and school are a very important way to develop rural areas and we are thankful to Jijau for doing such a great job. 
We would like to congratulate Jijau Trust and the Team and wish them Good luck for all their future endeavors.

We are humbled by these words of appreciation and encouragement by our Honorable C M Shri. Devandraji Fadanvis sir and would surely try to stick to our road map and keep on doing what we do the best.