About Us


We a Team of motivated individuals under the guidance of our founder Mr. Nilesh B Sambre; A business man by profession and a social worker by heart, after seeing the plight of the people of Thane and Palghar districts of Maharashtra, came together in the year 2008 to form "Jijau”.

Started off with a vision to participate in and contribute to all aspects of life, our team is working tirelessly in the areas of Education, Women Empowerment, Healthcare and Sports. 

We are majorly working in the underdeveloped areas of Maharashtra. It’s a dream we all saw few years from today to groom the future generations and make them capable enough to compete globally, provide them with latest facilities, encourage their dreams and aspirations.

And today we are happy that we are on the right track, our major goals achieved and much more to be accomplished.



"To Participate in and contribute to all aspects of life"



" To work with people in need and to groom the future generations"

Director Info


Nilesh Bhagwan Sambre, had a very humble beginning.
He grew up as a labor's son, keeping the family afloat was a hustle couldn't afford the luxury of education,
but worked very hard in life to achieve the position he has reached today.
Modesty and humility never left him, he is the first person to respond when someone in need,
behind his mind there is always a cautious effort to give back the society that he feels in debt to and thus Jijau NGO was formed.