Samrudhi Thakare


Two children and one person’s income to run an entire family of six people, me and my husband were going through a lot of turbulence and didn’t know how to fuel or expenses.

My in-laws are old and kids very young it was a difficult decision to make whom to prioritize, my parents never put me through schooling left me with very few options, while I was wondering what could be done I spoke to my neighbor where she informed me about the women empowerment program, started by Jijau Trust under which she was employed, while discussing I told her that I have never done stitching or don’t know to make anything, to which she assured me that I would get all the training  necessary, also the center was not very far away so there was no problem for the commute. I was delighted by the feeling that the income could be used for our various needs.

I approached the center the volunteers there helped me fill in the forms and helped me complete my joining formalities, the next day onwards my training started. I learned different skills such as stitching, pottery artificial jewelry making etc., after gaining enough confidence I started working real time.

Daily I put in eight hours of work and at the end of the month received my pay, this was not just money I had brought happiness to my family. I was just imagining their happy faces even before I reached home. This is definitely a new start of my life.