Vidya Samabre


President of a Women Self-Help Group (Mahila Bachat gatt). 

I and other members of our group approached Jijau Trust some time ago since we all are housewives we wanted to do something near to our house with whatever spare time that we had after our household chores. There we learned that under their women empowerment scheme they were doing certain activities like broach making, blankets, Diya making, candle making etc.

They asked us to join in and we did, the next day onwards we started our training and within a weeks’ time, we were more than ready for production. We then used to get raw material to process it further. We still remember our first payment, the money was not a big amount but it was a hope, that we are also worth something we can work, we can dream, we can stand on our feet now. That day definitely boosted my confidence and since then there was no looking back.