Zankar Ashok Bhoir


It’s quite unfortunate that Vikramgad being a taluka place doesn’t have a library facility, I come from a very poor family and we cannot afford the books nor we have a quiet and private place to study.

One of my friends then told me about Jijau’s library at first I was just hoping for a room, but then upon my visit, I learned that there were classes, reading room, mess and hostel facility and books all of which was managed by Jijau, the student didn’t have to pay anything. Also, Jijau has a sports coaching center since I aspire to become a police officer I have to work on my physical test also.

For me it was a dream come true and I am thankful to Jijau and the staff to support me I owe all my success to them I just have cleared the preliminary recruitment for PSI test and now I am preparing for the final and the physical.